VISIBLE for IMMIGRANTS: SCUWI Summer 2021 Newsletter

SCUWI partners continue to respond to the needs of the immigrant and refugee community, and some of us continue our advocacy for compassionate, common sense legislation on behalf of Dreamers, asylum seekers and other immigrants. The Biden administration has given much attention to root causes of emigration from Central America.   So, during our SummerContinue reading “VISIBLE for IMMIGRANTS: SCUWI Summer 2021 Newsletter”

VISIBLE for IMMIGRANTS: SCUWI Spring 2021 Newsletter

In the midst of the COVID pandemic, SCUWI partners have been busy responding to the many needs of the immigrant and refugee community.     Some of us have been closely following the new policies of the Biden administration and the bi-partisan conversations about immigration reform, and we have had meetings with our senators andContinue reading “VISIBLE for IMMIGRANTS: SCUWI Spring 2021 Newsletter”

VISIBLE for IMMIGRANTS: SCUWI Sept/Oct 2020 Newsletter

“From Hate to Welcome:   Messaging to Change Hearts and Minds about Immigrants and Refugees” – Our September SCUWI meeting was a panel discussion, including experts on messaging:   Jordyne Krumroy (Southern Regional Manager for “Welcoming America”), Jeff Migliozzi (Media Strategist at the Southern Poverty Law Center), Oliver Torres (Senior Outreach Paralegal at the SouthernContinue reading “VISIBLE for IMMIGRANTS: SCUWI Sept/Oct 2020 Newsletter”

VISIBLE for IMMIGRANTS: SCUWI July/August 2020 Newsletter

“DACA:   What Now?”  –     Our July SCUWI meeting was a panel discussion, including local and national perspectives about the way forward for DACA recipients and Dreamers.   Panelists included Dina Estrada  (Programs and Outreach Coordinator at the Hispanic Alliance in Upstate SC), Fernando Soto (A Latinx Journalist who founded Nuestro Estado, anContinue reading “VISIBLE for IMMIGRANTS: SCUWI July/August 2020 Newsletter”


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